I’ve been a client of Rob and Michelle for several years. I find them flexible, professional, knowledgeable and honorable. Over the years I’ve made many friends at Momentum Fitness and my overall fitness has greatly improved. I have more energy and find I am happier when I work out. I can highly recommend them to everyone.

George W. Babcock

What I like about Momentum is the personal touch. They start by being really good at listening.  Then they follow through with great thought and care to create a program to fit me, my needs. Being smaller than most other gyms is a real advantage as they are nimble and personal, yet there is no lack of capacity.  They have everything I need – except a pool 😉

After a year of working with the trainers at Momentum Fitness twice a week, I have greater energy and flexibility, better posture and more confidence. I have recommended Rob and Michelle to a half-dozen friends and every one has stuck with them, with equally happy results. I could not recommend them more highly!

Maria DeCarvalho

M. Div.

Maria DeCarvalho & Associates

“Rob has been my trainer for the past 5 yrs. His knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and basic physiology astounds me. I am a physician with a PhD in nutritional biochemistry and metabolism and I consider myself fortunate to be able to work with Rob twice a week. Michelle is an equal match and complement to Rob at Momentum – the best place to be for intelligent training.”

Neal Leleiko

I am so convinced of the benefits to me of working out with Rob in the great atmosphere that he and Michelle have created, that I would be afraid to miss a session! Also, it’s fun.

Sharon Rosen

Its very gratifying to me to see Rob and Michelle establish their business and extend relationships with Clients like myself. I owe much of my improved health and fitness to Rob, who has really become my fitness advocate since we began weekly sessions in October 2009. Not being one inclined to workout in a gym setting, I began as a skeptical client but Rob quickly gained my confidence and personal commitment to improving fitness by employing very simple but sustainable techniques. His ability to take the complexity of the human body and break it down into understandable terms and exercise routines is one of the many reasons that I continue to follow his guidance with enthusiasm today. Losing 35 pounds is one thing, sustaining it while improving my overall physical conditioning is a life changer for which I will be forever grateful. I would recommend Rob or Michelle to anyone who has failed with other programs or has simply finally realized that good fitness provides endless benefits for a lifetime. Thanks so much to both of you and best of luck with your new endeavor.


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